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All Hail the True King of Skyrim

Welcome to a group dedicated to Ulfric Stormcloak, the jarl of Windhelm, the Bear of Eastmarch, rebel leader of his own Stormcloak army. This man is loved and hated by fans of the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim.

But here, this is to show the respect and love for the man, in all his glory and his faults. For this man is not an easy one to truly understand and is often judged unfairly by first impressions. I will try to make you change your mind if you are sitting on the fence or dislike him because of Ulfric's prejudices or blatant disregard of others. All in due time, will there be images, stories, maybe dissertations to delve into the character of Ulfric Stormcloak.

The group is open membership, meaning join immediately and you don't have to wait for approval. Same goes for submissions. When submitting a work, place it in the appropriate folder so to avoid the hassle of lost submissions and the headache of doing clean up detail.

What will NOT be accepted are hateful images or literature. Some decency please. You can disagree on some things but I do not want to see slash writing or images in this group (anything pertaining to torture, bondage, S&M, etc). Anything deemed so will be rejected. This is a civil forum where anyone can gather to post their renditions and thoughts about Ulfric Stormcloak.

So, enjoy and plug away to filling the galleries!

Legends of Skyrim Contest

Sat Sep 20, 2014, 6:22 PM

I am forwarding this notification of a Skyrim contest for a new group. 

:iconlegends-of-skyrim: Legends-Of-Skyrim is hosting its first contest to celebrate the opening of the group! The aim of the contest is to write a piece of literature in a style of your choice from the point of view of a character attached or related to one of Skyrims main quest-lines who is considered to be evil, e.g., Mercer Frey, Astrid, Ancano, Alduin, General Tullius/ Ulfric Stormcloak etc.

The evil character can be portrayed in any way you like. Will your piece offer redemption to the character, or were they intending to be evil? Were they working for the greater good but wrongly branded as the bad guy, or maybe they genuinely believed that their evil actions benefited everyone?

Your can narrate your entry anyway you like (1st person, 3rd person etc) and you can choose any style. Examples of acceptable styles of writing are:

Bullet; Black Dramatic monologue
Bullet; Black Play Script
Bullet; Black Entries to a journal
Bullet; Black A short story
Bullet; Black A series of flashbacks
Bullet; Black Poem
Bullet; Black An introductory or midway chapter to a novel/ novella etc


Bullet; Black You must be a member of contributor of Legends-Of-Skyrim to enter!
Bullet; Black If you think you can enter, fav this journal entry and I will add you to the list. At least ten people need to agree to enter the competition before it will start.
Bullet; Black You must write a journal entry linking your watchers to this contest if you choose to enter.
Bullet; Black Your entry must be about, or be narrated by, an evil character found in one of the MAIN quest lines (Companions, Collage of Winterhold, Main Quest Line, Dark Brotherhood etc). If you are writing in 1st person then it needs to be narrated by the evil character.
Bullet; Black The suggested word count is between 1000 and 5000 words (poems don't need to adhere to the word count). Feel free to go over or under if needed be.
Bullet; Black You can submit work that wasn't originally written for the contest.
Bullet; Black Your piece has to be lore friendly. No introducing characters from an other franchise. Original characters can be included but make sure you explain to the reader who they are.
Bullet; Black I would encourage that you don't give the dragonborn a name, gender or race if mentioned in your piece. Instead, refer to them as their position in the quest line (e.g., Harbinger, guild master, assassin, dragonborn etc). You don't need to do this, but since the dragonborn is such an iconic character and so personal to each player, your reader may relate more to your work if they can insert their own dragonborn into your piece instead of imagining yours. You will also get bonus points if you are able to get through your piece without mentioning the dragonborns name, gender or race effectively!


I'm sure you are looking here and hoping the prizes are big enough to warrant the amount of work you need to put into this contest! Rest assured, they will be.

1st Place
Bullet; Black 1,000 points and a llama from Legends-Of-Panorin
Bullet; Black A cameo/ temporary/ permanent part in Legends-Of-Panorin's fan-fiction, the Winter Thieves.
Bullet; Black A full feature journal on Legends-Of-Skyrim's page* as well as a full journal feature in Legends-Of-Panorin's journal.

2nd Place
Bullet; Black 600 points and a llama from Legends-Of-Panorin
Bullet; Black A joint, partial feature with the person in 3rd place on Legends-Of-Skyrim's page*

3rd Place
Bullet; Black 400 points and a llama from Legends-Of-Panorin
Bullet; Black A joint, partial feature with the person in 2nd place on Legends-Of-Skyrim's page*

*The 3 features on Legends-Of-Skyrims page will be posted in the same journal with the full feature of the winner first, then the partial feature of the second place winner and finally the partial feature of the person in 3rd place.

Donating Prizes

Any donated prizes would be greatly appreciated! Please comment here with your offers. We accept prizes of badges, journal features, points, free commissions etc.

The Competitors

No one has entered so far.

Good Luck!

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If anyone is interested, I made a new forum for TES literature, art, and role playing! Need new members! Here's the link:
CSphire Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"I do not want to see slash writing or images in this group (anything pertaining to torture, bondage, S&M, etc)"

And yet... *looks to the Mature NSFW folder* Sorry, I'm confused. Ulfric was tortured in the Great War, writers are going to touch upon this subject also what is wrong with two women or two men having sex?
CelticWolfwalker Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
There is nothing wrong with sex but i do not need overly graphic porn, sadism, graphic violence and rape, extreme bondage and anything of that nature. Some things in the group are not acceptable and i haven't had time to weed out images or stories obthis nature. Basically if it is against DA TOS it will not be accepted. I don't condone extreme violence, rape, or s&m. All i ask is have some taste and decency.

If you want to have images or fic of that sort, there are other sites an groups.
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Sign me up! Whoooo!
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